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  Hanson Hanson Info Page

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MEMBERS: Taylor Hanson ~ Isaac Hanson ~ Zach Hanson
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BIRTHDAYS: Taylor Hanson (March 14, 1983) ~ Isaac Hanson (November 17, 1980) ~ Zach Hanson (October 22, 1985)
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BIGGEST SINGLE: "MmmBop" (1997)
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BIGGEST LP: Middle Of Nowhere (1997)
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Hansonbutton.gif (123 bytes) Hanson is three brothers born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In 1997, Hanson seemed to come out of nowhere to take over pop radio with their breakthrough hit "MmmBop." The brothers have quickly become one of the most loved music sensations of the 90s, as well as the one of the most hated groups making music today (paralleled in '97 only by the Spice Girls). The three Hanson brothers, Isaac (Clarke Isaac Hanson), Taylor (Jordan Taylor Hanson), and Zachary (Zachary Walker Hanson), have been recording since 1992. Isaac plays guitar, Taylor plays keyboards, and Zachary plays the drums. According to their record company, the boys have written over 100 songs and produced 2 self-distributed LPs including Boomerang.

1997... # 3 Singles Artist of the Year

button.gif (123 bytes) Hanson hit the Top 40 with "MmmBop."

Hanson - Middle Of Nowherebutton.gif (123 bytes) Hanson finally found success with the release of the single "MmmBop" after being turned down by several record companies. Their first major LP release, Middle Of Nowhere, quickly followed and hit the Top 10 while "MmmBop" also hit the Top 10.
button.gif (123 bytes) The brothers also wrote 4 of the songs on the LP and had some producing help by the Dust Brothers. Some critical reviews of Hanson's success have been positive when reviewed in the context of "pop" culture. Yet, opposition to Hanson has been extreme on the Internet, often resorting to homophobic ramblings and creative picture manipulation. For the anti-Hanson enthusiasts, more bad news may be lurking in the future in the form of Hanson's three younger siblings.
button.gif (123 bytes) By the end of the month, "
MmmBop" had hit #1 for 3 weeks.
button.gif (123 bytes) "
MmmBop" topped the Billboard Hot 100 Singles chart for 3 weeks and the Billboard Hot 100 Singles Sales chart for 3 weeks.

Hanson - "Mmm Bop" (Single)button.gif (123 bytes) The single "MmmBop" was certified platinum.
button.gif (123 bytes) "
MmmBop" topped the Billboard Hot 100 Singles Airplay chart for 4 weeks and the UK Singles chart for 3 weeks.

button.gif (123 bytes) Middle Of Nowhere was certified 2x platinum.
button.gif (123 bytes) Hanson hit the Top 40 with "Where's The Love."

button.gif (123 bytes) Hanson hit the Top 10 with "Where's The Love."

button.gif (123 bytes) On fame, Isaac stated: "We still do a lot of the same stuff that we did before. Of course, sometimes you think about it a bit longer and make sure that it's a smart thing to do." Taylor added, "Don't walk into an elementary school and go, 'Hi,'... you're dead meat."
button.gif (123 bytes) A Rock On The Net poll asked readers to vote on the "Over-Hype" of 1997. The final results showed Hanson at #1 with 28% of the vote.

button.gif (123 bytes) Hanson were nominated for a MTV Video Music Award for Best New Artist.
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Middle Of Nowhere was certified 3x platinum.

button.gif (123 bytes) Hanson hit the Top 40 with "I Will Come To You."

Hanson - Snowed Inbutton.gif (123 bytes) At the 4th annual MTV Europe Music Awards held in the Netherlands Hanson took home 2 awards for Best Song ("MmmBop") and Best Breakthrough Act.
button.gif (123 bytes) Hanson released the holiday LP,
Snowed In with holiday covers of "Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree," "Silent Night," and "O Holy Night."
button.gif (123 bytes) The single "
I Will Come To You" was certified gold.

button.gif (123 bytes) Hanson hit the Top 10 with "I Will Come To You."
button.gif (123 bytes) SoundScan proclaimed Hanson's Middle Of Nowhere the fifth best-selling LP of 1997 - selling over 3.2 million copies in the U.S.
button.gif (123 bytes) Middle Of Nowhere was certified 4x platinum and Snowed In was certified platinum.

1998... # 75 Singles Artist of the Year

Hansonbutton.gif (123 bytes) Hanson was nominated for 3 Grammy Awards for Best New Artist, Record of the Year, and Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal ("MmmBop").

button.gif (123 bytes) Hanson put themselves up for auction for some "lucky" bidder to spend the day with the trio as well as getting backstage passes to one of their concerts. The auction was part of the City of Hope charity in Los Angeles. The winner (bidding $16,000) was Aimee Osbourne - yes, the teen daughter of Ozzy Osbourne.
button.gif (123 bytes) Hanson hit the Top 40 with "Weird." Hanson teamed up with acclaimed director, Gus Van Sant (Oscar-nominated for Good Will Hunting) for their video release of "Weird."

button.gif (123 bytes) At the 11th Annual Kid's Choice Awards in Los Angeles, Hanson won Favorite Song for "MmmBop."

Hanson - Three Car Garage: The Independent Recordings 1995 To 1996button.gif (123 bytes) At the 1998 World Music Awards held in Monte Carlo Hanson was awarded the World's Best-Selling New Group.
button.gif (123 bytes) Hanson released an LP of old material called Three Car Garage: Independent Recordings 1995 To 1996.

button.gif (123 bytes) Three Car Garage: Independent Recordings 1995 To 1996 was certified platinum.

Hanson - Live From Albertane - Hanson Tourbutton.gif (123 bytes) A live LP and video, Live From Albertane - Hanson Tour, were released.

button.gif (123 bytes) Live From Albertane - Hanson Tour was certified gold.
button.gif (123 bytes) Hanson had the Top Music Video of the year with Tulsa, Tokyo And The Middle Of Nowhere.


button.gif (123 bytes) Hanson spent a majority of the year recording their next LP - John Popper of Blues Traveler and Jonny Lang will make guest appearances on the LP.

2000... # 62 Singles Artist of the Year

Hanson - This Time Aroundbutton.gif (123 bytes) "This Time Around" hit the Top 40 but failed to give the boys another Top 10 hit.

button.gif (123 bytes) Hanson's next LP
This Time Around was released.

Hanson - "If Only" (Single)button.gif (123 bytes) Hanson hit the Top 40 with "If Only."
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This Time Around was certified gold and the single "This Time Around" was certified gold.

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Rolling Stone & MTV: 100 Greatest Pop Songs includes "MmmBop" at # 28.


button.gif (123 bytes) Hanson began work on their next LP with the help of Barenaked Ladies, Carole King, and Matthew Sweet.

button.gif (123 bytes) Hanson filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against MP3.com.


button.gif (123 bytes) Taylor Hanson got married.

button.gif (123 bytes) Taylor became a dad when his wife gave birth to a baby boy - 4 months after getting married.


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VH1: 100 Best Songs of the Past 25 Years includes "MmmBop" at # 98.

button.gif (123 bytes) Hanson begain touring again, this time in small and more intimate venues.

Hanson - Underneathbutton.gif (123 bytes) Isaac was hospitalized for a blood cot in his arm.

2004... # 151 Singles Artist of the Year

button.gif (123 bytes) Hanson started their own label (3CG Records) after leaving Island/Def Jam, and released their next LP, Underneath.

button.gif (123 bytes) # 224 on the Top Pop Artists of the Past 25 Years chart.


Hanson - The Best Of Hanson And Electricbutton.gif (123 bytes) Hanson released the CD/DVD The Best Of Hanson Live And Electric.


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Zac Hanson got married.


Hansn - The Walkbutton.gif (123 bytes) Hanson released The Walk.

button.gif (123 bytes) Hanson topped the Billboard Top Internet Albums chart with The Walk.

Hanson - 'Shout It Out'button.gif (123 bytes) Isaac was hospitalized for a pulmonary embolism.

button.gif (123 bytes)
VH1: 100 Greatest Songs of the 90's included "MmmBop" at # 20.


Hanson - 'Anthem'button.gif (123 bytes) Hanson released Shout It Out.


button.gif (123 bytes) Hanson released




Hanson - Middle Of Nowhere Middle Of Nowhere
Released: May, 1997
US: 4x Platinum
Billboard peak: # 2
Rolling Stone review: 3 stars from Rolling Stone
Tracks: "Thinking Of You" - "MmmBop" - "Weird" - "Speechless" - "Where's The Love" - "Yearbook" - "Look At You" - "Lucy" - "I Will Come To You" - "A Minute Without You" - "Madeline" - "With You In Your Dreams" - "Man From Milwaukee"
Hanson - Snowed In Snowed In
Released: November, 1997
US: Platinum
Billboard peak: # 7
Tracks: "Merry Christmas Baby" - "What Christmas Means To Me" - "Little Saint Nick" - "At Christmas" - "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)" - "Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree" - "Christmas Time" - "Everybody Knows The Claus" - "Run Rudolph Run" - "O Holy Night/Silent Night/O Come All Ye Faithful" - "White Christmas"
Hanson - Three Car Garage: The Independent Recordings 1995 To 1996 Three Car Garage: Independent Recordings 1995 To 1996
Released: May, 1998
US: Platinum
Billboard peak: # 6
Rolling Stone review: 3 stars from Rolling Stone
Tracks: "Day Has Come" - "Two Tears" - "Thinking Of You" - "River" - "Surely As The Sun" - "MmmBop" - "Soldier" - "Stories" - "Pictures" - "Sometimes" - "With You In Your Dreams"
Hanson - Live From Albertane - Hanson Tour Live From Albertane - Hanson Tour
Released: November, 1998
US: Gold
Billboard peak: # 32
Live Tracks: "Gimme Some Lovin'/Shake A Tail Feather" - "Where's The Love" - "River" - "I Will Come To You" - "Ever Lonely" - "Speechless" - "With You In Your Dreams" - "A Minute Without You" - "Money (That's What I Want)" - "More Than Anything" - "MmmBop" - "Man From Milwaukee"
Hanson - This Time Around This Time Around
Released: May, 2000
US: Gold
Billboard peak: # 19
Rolling Stone review: 3 and 1/2 stars from Rolling Stone
Tracks: "You Never Know" - "If Only" - "This Time Around" - "Runaway Run" - "Save Me" - "Dying To Be Alive" - "Can't Stop" - "Wish That I Was There" - "Love Song" - "Sure About It" - "Hand In Hand" - "In The City" - "A Song To Sing"
Hanson - Underneath Underneath
Released: April, 2004
Billboard peak: # 25
Tracks: "Strong Enough To Break" - "Dancing In The Wind" - "Penny & Me" - "Underneath" - "Misery" - "Lost Without Each Other" - "When You're Gone" - "Broken Angel" - "Deeper" - "Get Up & Go" - "Crazy Beautiful" - "Hey" - "Believe"
Hanson - The Best Of Hanson And Electric The Best Of Hanson Live And Electric
Released: October, 2005
Billboard peak: # 182
Live Tracks: "Optimistic" - "Every Word I Say" - "Where's The Love" - "Look At You" - "Strong Enough To Break" - "I Will Come To You" - "Underneath" - "Hand In Hand" - "In A Little While" - "Penny & Me" - "MmmBop" - "This Time Around" - "Rock 'N' Roll Razorblade" - "If Only" - "Song To Sing"
Hansn - The Walk The Walk
Released: July, 2007
Billboard peak: # 56
Entertainment Weekly: B+
Tracks: "Ngi Ne Themba (I Have Hope)" - "Great Divide" - "Been There Before" - "Georgia" - "Watch Over Me" - "Running Man" - "Go" - "Fire On The Mountain" - "One More" - "Blue Sky" - "Tearing It Down" - "Something Going Round" - "Your Illusion" - "The Walk" - "Got A Hold On Me" (acoustic) - "Something Going Round" (acoustic)
Hanson - 'Shout It Out'
mp3 Available at Amazon.com
Shout It Out
Released: June, 2010
Tracks: "Waiting For This" - "Thinking 'Bout Somethin'" - "Kiss Me When You Come Home" - "Carry You There" - "Give A Little" - "Make It Out Alive" - "And I Waited" - "Use Me Up" - "These Walls" - "Musical Ride" - "Voice In The Chorus" - "Me Myself And I"
Hanson - 'Anthem' Anthem
Released: June 18, 2013
Tracks: "Fired Up" - "I've Got Soul" - "You Can't Stop Us" - "Get The Girl Back" - "Juliet" - "Already Home" - "For Your Love" - "Lost Without You" - "Cut Right Through Me" - "Scream And Be Free" - "Tragic Symphony" - "Tonight" - "Save Me From Myself"
Hanson - 'Middle Of Everywhere - The Greatest Hits'
Middle Of Everywhere - The Greatest Hits
Released: September 8, 2017
Tracks: "I Was Born" - "MmmBop" - "Where's The Love" - "- "I Will Come To You" - " Weird" - "A Minute Without You" - "This Time Around" - "If Only" - "Save Me" - "A Song To Sing" - "Penny & Me" - "Lost Without Each Other" - "Underneath" - "Strong Enough To Break" - "Broken Angel" - "Great Divide" - "Been There Before" - "Georgia" - "Go" - "Watch Over Me" - "Thinking 'Bout Somethin'" - "Give A Little" - "Juliet" - "Get The Girl Back" - "Fire Up" - "Already Home"
Hanson - 'Finally, It's Christmas'
Finally, It's Christmas
Released: October 27, 2017
Tracks: "Finally It's Christmas" - "A Wonderful Christmas Time" - "Rudolph The Red Reindeer" - "Til New Years Night" - "Please Come Home" - "Someday At Christmas" - "Joy To The Mountain" - "Jingle Bells" - "Happy Christmas" - "All I Want For Christmas" - "Winter Wonderland" - "Blue Christmas" - "Peace On Earth" - "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas"
Hanson - 'String Theory'
String Theory
Released: November 9, 2018
Tracks: "Reaching For The Sky" (Part 1) - "Joyful Noise" - "Where's The Love" - "Dream It Do It" - "MmmBop" - "Chasing Down My Dreams" - "Tragic Symphony" - "Got A Hold On Me" - "Yearbook" - "Siren Call" - "Me Myself And I" - "Reach For The Sky" (Part 2) - "This Time Around" - "Something Going Round" - "Battle Cry" - "You Can't Stop Us" - "Broken Angel" - "What Are We Fighting For" - "Breaktown" - "No Rest For The Weary" - "I Was Born" - "Sound Of Light" - "Tonight"
Hanson - 'Red Green Blue'
Red Green Blue
Released: May 20 2022
Tracks: "Child At Heart" - "Child At Heart" (Demo) - "Rambling Heart" - "Truth" - "We Belond Together" - "Semi Hollow" - "Greener Pastures" - "Write You A Song" - "No Matter The Reason" - "The Gift Of Tears" - "Cold As Ice" - "Bad" - "World Goes Around" - "Wake Up" - "Don't Let Me Down" (featuring Zach Myers) - "Where I Belong"
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