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What Is Rock On The Net?
Rock On The Net is an musical resource tool for the Internet. Rock On The Net provides the most up-to-date news links in the music industry (as long as it is interesting), as well as detailing the careers of many musical artists, and providing music charts and links. Rock On The Net is oriented more toward today's music and you will notice that much of the news, information, and updates are in reference to music performers who have been successful recently. That doesn't mean we exclude older artists, or very new artists - but we are attempting to keep the profiles limited to "household names."

What Is The Goal of Rock On The Net?
The goal of Rock On The Net is to be a synthesis of information available on the World Wide Web. Instead of spending hours surfing the Internet for news headlines, new release information, artist updates, and who is #1 on what chart, Rock On The Net accomplishes this for you.

What's The Difference Between Rock On The Net and Other Music Sites On The Internet?
There are two key difference between Rock On The Net and other music sites:
1) The
Artist Info Pages on Rock On The Net are constantly updated. Info pages are updated when news occurs, an LP is released, sales figures change, etc. We have found that keeping artist information pages up-to-date is relatively rare with other music sites (excluding fan sites).
2) Rock On The Net is very chart-oriented and we are the only music site on the Internet with a synthesis of chart information and an exclusive Top 40 chart (
The ARC Weekly Top 40). Our Other Charts is updated every few days to bring you the latest information on who's #1... and who isn't.

Where Does Rock On The Net Get Its Information?
The news links provided on the front page of Rock On The Net are obtained directly from the Internet source and linked to that web page. Additional news, as well as calendar information, is obtained from press releases, magazine promotional material, and various Internet sites. Artist Information pages are created from a thorough search of all artist websites including fan pages and record label profiles. Rock On The Net accumulates all the facts and figures relating to the artists and writes up our own bibliographies. We do not simply cut and paste text as some Internet sites have done.

What About Copyright Laws Regarding Text and Pictures?
It's important to keep in mind here that we're dealing with a business that is built on promotion. Record companies want you to know when their artists have a new LP coming out, where they are playing in concert, when they will be on television, etc. Rock On The Net combines the music business' need for promotion with the music fan's need for information about their favorite artists. Information such as birthdays, live appearances on TV, new LP release information, concert appearances, etc., are considered "works consisting entirely of information that is common property and containing no original authorship," and according to copyright laws, are not copyrighted. Also, let's face it, the Internet is flooded with copyright infringements when it comes to photos on the Internet. But that doesn't make it right and Rock On The Net attempts to obtain promotional pictures that are to be used for the purpose of promoting a music artist. Unfortunately, with the large amount of material on the Internet, it is difficult to determine what is the original source for the picture - and simply scanning a picture does not lay claim to ownership as some sites suggest. Rock On The Net therefore attempts to credit the photographer in the alternate text of the pictures when available.

Why Are Some Artist Information Pages More Elaborate Than Others Within Rock On The Net?
You may notice that some Artist Information Pages are quite extensive while a few might be considered a little skimpy. We are in the process of updating all Information pages and are doing so in terms of how popular the page is. The more elaborate information pages have more graphics, a complete LP discography, U.S. record sales information, awards, and more quotes by the artist.

If I Send You A Music Link To My Fan Page, Will Rock On The Net Link To It?
If you have a music site or a fan page that is not already part of Rock On The Net and would like to be linked on our site, we will review the site and determine if it is something we would like to include within Rock On The Net. We seldom take links for artists that do not have Artist Info Pages or links that are not related to the music industry. Rock On The Net also does not link to sites that have questionable or offensive material within it.

What Is This 'ARC Weekly Top 40' I Keep Seeing Referenced In Rock On The Net?
ARC Weekly Top 40 is a pop chart that has been in existence since 1980 and is the official Top 40 chart for Rock On The Net. All chart data mentioned throughout our site is in reference to The ARC unless otherwise specified. The ARC is published on Rock On The Net every week, and we are currently in the process of providing an Archive of charts dating back to The ARC's beginnings.

Does Rock On The Net Allow Advertising?
Rock On The Net has accepted some advertising, and has occasionally swapped services with other sites. Information on advertising can be found on our
ad rates page.

How Often Is Rock On The Net Updated?
Rock On The Net is updated at least once a day depending on the amount of material that needs to be added or deleted from the site. Each section of Rock On The Net has designated days for updating, and others updated constantly as information is obtained. For example, The ARC Weekly Top 40 is updated every Thursday and the Live TV Page is updated on Sundays. Most of the changes are reflected on the main page of Rock On The Net.

Why Does Rock On The Net Focus So Heavily On Artists and News From The U.S.?
Rock On The Net is based in the U.S., and has chosen to focus on artists and news that is mostly relevant to viewers in the U.S. Our Charts Page has branched out to include other countries, but for the most part, LP release dates and information on LP sales are based on U.S. figures.

Can I Use Information From Rock On The Net For My Site?
A lot of Internet sites have already linked directly to Rock On The Net or to a specific section of Rock On The Net. For example, fan pages have linked to the corresponding Artist Info Pages and there are many sites that directly link to The ARC Weekly Top 40. Some information from Rock On The Net has also been reformatted on web pages and we appreciate this usage of our site as long as credit to our site and a link to Rock On The Net is given. However, the majority of our web pages (especially Artist Info Pages) are updated often and it might be best to link to our pages directly so that up-to-date information is available to your readers.

How Can I Be Part Of Rock On The Net?
Is there an artist that hasn't been profiled yet that you enjoy and would like to write about? Rock On The Net welcomes submissions to our Information pages, provided you submit the following: a bibliography of the artists that extends from their introduction into the musical mainstream until the present; a discography of LPs by the artist; and world wide web links to other pages devoted to that artist. Rock On The Net will reference the writer of the information page, but also reserves the right to edit or expand the submittal.

Has Rock On The Net Received Positive or Negative Feedback Since Its Creation In June, 1997?
About 99% of the feedback we have received regarding Rock On The Net has been positive. With very little promotion, viewers have been able to find Rock On The Net quickly, and web magazine such as Rolling Stone, CNN, Jam TV, and WebNoize have on at least one occasion used Rock On The Net as a source of information. Fans of Rock On The Net have also been very encouraging with their comments and have been instrumental in the focus of Rock On The Net today. Rock On The Net has also worked with other music sites as part of a mutual admiration for each other's efforts. Occasionally, we also do get e-mail from a fan obsessed with one band not covered within Rock On The Net or messages from other music web sites who have felt threatened by Rock On The Net's appearance on the Internet.

How Can I Contact Rock On The Net?
You can always
e-mail Rock On The Net.




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