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53rd Grammy Awards
(held February 13, 2011

Iron Maiden - 'The Final Frontier'
mp3 Available at Amazon.com
Iron Maiden
"El Dorado"

[ from the LP
The Final Frontier ]
other nominees:

Korn - "Let The Guilt Go"
Lamb Of God - "In Your Words"
Megadeth - "Sudden Death"
Slayer - "World Painted Blood"
52nd Grammy Awards
(held January 31, 2010)

Judas Priest - 'A Touch Of Evil - Live'
Available for download at iTunes
mp3 Available at Amazon.com
Judas Priest
"Dissident Aggressor"

[ from the LP
A Touch Of Evil - Live]
other nominees:

Lamb Of God - "Set To Fail"
Megadeth - "Head Crusher"
Ministry - "Senor Peligro"
Slayer - "Hate Worldwide"
51st Grammy Awards
(held February 8, 2009)

Metallica - Death Magnetic
Available for download at iTunes
mp3 Available at Amazon.com
"My Apocalypse"

[ from
Death Magnetic ]
other nominees:

DragonForce - "Heroes Of Our Time"
Judas Priest - "Nostradamus"
Ministry - "Under My Thumb"
Slipknot - "Psychosocial"
50th Grammy Awards
(held February 10, 2008)

Slayer - Christ Illusion
"Final Six"

[ from
Christ Illusion ]
other nominees:
As I Lay Dying - "Nothing Left"
King Diamond - "Never Ending Hill"
Machine Head - "Aesthetics Of Hate"
Shadows Fall - "Redemption"
49th Grammy Awards
(held February 11, 2007)

Slayer - Christ Illusion
"Eyes Of The Insane"

[ from
Christ Illusion ]
other nominees:
Lamb Of God - "Redneck"
Mastodon - "Colony Of Birchmen"
Ministry - "Lies, Lies, Lies"
Stone Sour - "30/30-150"
48th Grammy Awards
(held February 8, 2006)

Slipknot - Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses
"Before I Forget"
[ from
Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses ]
other nominees:
Ministry - "The Great Satan"
Mudvayne -
Rammstein -
"Mein Tell"
Shadows Fall -
"What Drives The Weak"
47th Grammy Awards
(held February 13, 2005)

Metallica Attack: Metallica Ultimate Tribute
[ from Metallica Attack: Metallica Ultimate Tribute ]
other nominees:
Cradle Of Filth - "Nymphetamine"
Hatebreed - "Live For This"
Killswitch Engage - "The End Of Heartache"
Slipknot - "Vermillion"
46th Grammy Awards
(held February 8, 2004)

Metallica - St. Anger
"St. Anger"

[ from
St. Anger ]
other nominees:
Korn - "Did My Time"
Marilyn Manson - "mOBSCENE"
Spineshank - "Smothered"
Stone Sour - "Inhale"
45th Grammy Awards
(held February 23, 2003)

Korn - Untouchables
"Here To Stay"

[ from
Untouchables ]
other nominees:
P.O.D. - "Portrait"
Slipknot - "My Plague"
Stone Sour - "Get Inside"
Rob Zombie - "Never Gonna Stop (The Red, Red Kroovy)"
44th Grammy Awards
(held February 27, 2002)

Tool - Lateralus
[ from
Laterus ]
other nominees:
Black Sabbath - "The Wizard"
Slayer - "Disciple"
Slipknot - "Left Behind"
System Of A Down - "Chop Suey!"
43th Grammy Awards
(held February 23, 2001)

Deftones - White Pony
[ from White Pony ]
other nominees:
Iron Maiden - "The Wicker Man"
Marilyn Manson - "Astonishing Panorama Of The Endtimes"
Pantera - "Revolution Is My Name"
Slipknot - "Wait And Bleed"
42nd Grammy Awards
(held February 23, 2000)

Black Sabbath - Best Of Black Sabbath
Black Sabbath
Iron Man"
[ from Best Of Black Sabbath ]
other nominees:
Ministry - "Bad Blood"
Motorhead - "Enter Sandman"
Nine Inch Nails - "Starf**ckers"
Rob Zombie - "Superbeast"
41st Grammy Awards
(held February 25, 1999)

Metallica - Reload
"Better Than You"

[ from
Reload ]
other nominees:
Judas Priest - "Bullet Train"
Nashville Pussy - "Fried Chicken And Coffee"
Rage Against The Machine - "No Shelter"
Rammstein - "Du Hast"
40th Grammy Awards
(held February 25, 1998)

Tool - Aenima

Aenima ]
other nominees:
Corrosion Of Conformity - "Drowning In A Daydream"
Korn - "No Place To Hide"
Megadeth - "Trust"
Pantera - "Cemetery Gates"
39th Grammy Awards
(held February 26, 1997)

Rage Against The Machine - Evil Empire
Rage Against The Machine
"Tire Me"

[ from
Evil Empire ]
other nominees:
Korn - "Shoots And Ladders"
Pantera - "Suicide Note Pt. 1"
White Zombie - "I'm Your Boogie Man"
Rob Zombie & Alice Cooper - "Hands Of Death (Burn Baby Burn)"
38th Grammy Awards
(held February 28, 1996)

Nine Inch Nails - The Downward Spiral
Nine Inch Nails
"Happiness In Slavery"
[ from The Downward Spiral ]
other nominees:
Gwar - "S.F.W."
- "Paranoid"
Metallica - "For Whom The Bell Tolls"
White Zombie - "More Human Than Human"
37th Grammy Awards
(held March 1, 1995)

Soundgarden - 'Superunknown'

[ from
Superunknown ]
other nominees:
Anthrax & Public Enemy - "Bring The Noise"
Megadeth - "99 Ways To Die"
Pantera - "I'm Broken"
Rollins Band - "Liar"
36th Grammy Awards
(held March 1, 1994)

Ozzy Osbourne - Live & Loud
"I Don't Want To Change The World"
Ozzy Osbourne
[ from Live & Loud ]
other nominees:
Iron Maiden - "Fear Of The Dark"
Megadeth - "Angry Again"
Suicidal Tendencies - "Institutionalized"
White Zombie - "Thunder Kiss '65"
35th Grammy Awards
(held February 24, 1993)

Nine Inch Nails - Broken
Nine Inch Nails
[ from
Broken ]
other nominees:
Helmet - "In The Meantime"
Megadeth -
Countdown To Extinction
Ministry - "N.W.O."
Soundgarden - "Into The Void (Sealth)"
34th Grammy Awards
(held February 25, 1992)

Metallica - Metallica
other nominees:
Anthrax - Attack Of The Killer B's
Soundgarden - Badmotorfinger
Megadeth - "Hangar 18"
Motorhead -
33rd Grammy Awards
(held February 20, 1991)

Available at Amazon.com
"Stone Cold Crazy"

[ from
Rubaiyat: Elektra's 40th Anniversary compilation ]
other nominees:
Anthrax - Persistence Of Time
Judas Priest -
Megadeth -
Rust In Peace
Suicidal Tendencies - Lights... Camera... Revolution
32nd Grammy Awards
(held February 22, 1990)

Metallica - ...And Justice For All
[ from And Justice For All ]
other nominees:
Dokken - Beast From The East
Faith No More - The Real Thing
Queensryche - "I Don't Believe In Love"
Soundgarden - Ultramega O.K.

(Note: Years reflect the year in which the Grammy Awards were handed out.)

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